Anti-Ragging Committee

Anti-Ragging Minutes of Meeting

Anti-Ragging Committee

PSNITS is committed to nurturing a positive and harmonious academic atmosphere for its students. To safeguard the well-being of new students and combat the issue of ragging, the institution has established an Anti-Ragging Cell. This cell, under the leadership of the Head of the institution, consists of senior faculty members, Anti-Ragging Squad personnel, and Anti-Ragging Bus In charges from various departments. They are responsible for monitoring and ensuring students' discipline both within the campus premises and while traveling on board.


  • To prohibit, prevent, and completely eradicate the practice of ragging, which includes any form of conduct by any student, whether through spoken or written words or through actions that result in teasing, mistreatment, or rudeness towards new or existing students, as well as engaging in rowdy or undisciplined behaviours by any student.
  • To monitor, guide, and ensure the effectiveness of the Anti-Ragging Squads in their efforts to prevent and combat ragging within the institution.

Anti-Ragging Committee Role & Responsibilities

  • To ensure the safety of nearly all areas within the college premises, including the canteen, parking areas, various blocks, and playgrounds, by having at least one faculty member present at each location during specific times to prevent incidents of ragging.
  • To implement preventive measures against ragging activities at other locations such as bus stops, including the appointment of student volunteers and confidential informants at various boarding points, with clear instructions provided.
  • To proactively prevent ragging incidents at additional locations like bus stops, and to provide instructions for the appointment of student volunteers and confidential informants at various boarding points.
  • To organize anti-ragging awareness campaigns through the use of banners, posters, and boards placed within the college premises and in the surrounding areas where ragging might occur.
  • To associate with the Grievances & Redressal committee and contribute to anti-ragging initiatives.
  • To organize awareness programs on Anti-Ragging, including meetings and presentations, aimed at educating senior students, faculty, and individuals outside the college community.
  • To conduct meetings as necessary and address pertinent issues, while seeking approval from the Director through consultation.

Anti-Ragging Committee

SI.NO Name of the Member Designation & Department Position
1 Dr.M.Kathirvel Principal Chairperson
2 Police Officer Police Department Muneerpallam station Member
3 V.A.O Revenue Department Melathediyoor Member
4 Mrs.D.Jency Parimala HOD/S&H Member
5 Mr.S.Greesh Kumar HOD/IE&M Member
6 Mr.N.Thangaselvin HOD/MTS Member
7 Mr.J.Poopathi HOD/MECH Member
8 Mr.N.Marimuthu HOD/MECH & AUTO Member
9 Mr.T.A.Sunil Raj HOD/EEE Member
10 Mr.C.MupudathiMuthu HOD/CIVIL Member
11 Mr.M.Patchi Raja HOD/ECE Member
12 Mr.K.Balakarthick HOD/CSE Member
13 Mr.R.Sivamani AP/EEE,
Boys Hostel Warden.
14 Mrs.Seetha Lakshmi Girls Hostel Warden Member
15 Mr.S.Muthukumar Physical Education Director Member
16 Mrs.R.Georginna Asst.Prof/S&H Member
17 Mrs.N.Rajasree Asst.Prof/ECE Member
18 Mrs.Kalyana Sundari.M Asst.Prof/EEE Member
19 Mr.Ajay Karan IV year student(IE&M) Member
20 Ms.Petchiammal IV year student(MTS) Member

Procedure for lodging complaint

  • Students are encouraged to express their grievances in writing or via email to the respective committee coordinator without hesitation.
  • The Grievance Cell will take action on cases that have been submitted along with the required documents.
  • The Grievance Cell will ensure that the grievance is appropriately resolved within the specified time frame set by the cell.

Instructions to Students

    All the students of first semester are hereby advised to follow the instructions given below
  • Any occurrence falling in the ambit of ragging should be immediately reported to any of the committee members or on the helpline numbers.
  • Any student need not comply with any unwarranted instructions of senior students.
  • Any student need not listen to the advice/instruction of any senior student to visit their place for whatsoever reason they may have.

For Complaints

For Complaints please submit the form in the link: