SC/ST Committee

SC/ST Committee

SC/ST Committee

A standing committee dedicated to the welfare of the SC/ST community has been established within the College, with the Principal serving as the Chairman. The committee is tasked with implementing diverse policies and programs initiated by the State and Central Governments, AICTE, and the UGC, aimed at benefiting SC/ST students and employees.


  • To Ensure consistent monitoring and implementation of reservation policies and programs set forth by the State and Central Governments.
  • To Bridge the gap for students belonging to the SC/ST community, bringing them on par with the mainstream student body.
  • To Establish a platform for students to voice their academic and non-academic concerns.
  • To Disseminate information about UGC, State, and Central Government scholarship programs to SC/ST students.
  • To Raise awareness among SC/ST students, particularly those from rural areas, about available higher education opportunities.
  • To Implement follow-up actions to guarantee SC/ST students and faculty are benefiting from the welfare initiatives provided by the State and Central Governments.

SC/ST Committee Role & Responsibilities

  • The Cell focuses on enforcing reservation rules during student admissions and appointments for both teaching and non-teaching positions, while also overseeing efforts to prevent atrocities against SC/ST students and faculty.
  • The Cell takes an active role in coordinating and resolving issues pertaining to admissions, appointments, and optimal resource allocation for SC/ST students.
  • The Cell raises awareness about government scholarships and fellowships among SC/ST students through informative circulars. The cell works with the focus on the students belong to socially and economically backward students to get theopportunities to pursue their studies in the higher educational institutions.
  • The Cell also advises the students to utilise the facilities of the Book Bank and to borrow books depending on availability.
  • The Cell often meets the students and members of faculty belong to SC/ST communities, to understand their problem and take necessary action and/or render them necessary advice/help to resolve the matter.
  • The Cell Counsels the students to overcome their inferiority complex by means of interaction with fellow students and personal grooming, etc.

SC/ST Cell Committee Members

SI.NO Name of the Member Designation Position
1 Mr.T.Phlip Allwyn AP/ECE Chairperson
2 Mr.R.Prasanna Prabhu AP/IEM Member
3 Mr.T.Subash AP/M&A Member
4 Mr.M.Karthik AP/EEE Member
5 Mr.V.Solai Raja AP/CSE Member
6 Mr.S.Premkmar Cashier Member