Internal Complaints Committee

Internal Complaints Committee

Internal Complaints Committee

To Promote gender awareness within the college, diverse programs will be organized to sensitize all members, regardless of gender, with the aim of creating a harmonious atmosphere on campus.


  • To Raise awareness about Supreme Court guidelines and establish a zero-tolerance stance toward sexual harassment as a societal norm within the college.
  • To Establish a safe physical and social milieu to discourage incidents of sexual harassment.
  • To Cultivate an environment devoid of gender discrimination.
  • To Formulate comprehensive guidelines and norms for an anti-sexual harassment policy.
  • To Develop and implement principles and procedures for addressing instances of sexual harassment effectively.
  • To Organize gender sensitization awareness programs.
  • To Host guest lectures and workshops aimed at empowering female members with insights into various leadership development opportunities.

Internal Complaints Committee Role & Responsibilities

  • Foster awareness of Women’s Rights and empower women with knowledge, passion, and purpose.
  • Organize activities focused on women's empowerment.
  • Establish a system for reporting complaints of sexual harassment in any branch or department of our institution, encompassing grievances from teaching staff, nonteaching staff, and female students
  • Address and redress issues related to sexual harassment, irrespective of gender, within our institution.

Internal Complaints Committee Members

SI.NO Name of the Member Designation Position
1 Dr.S.R.Selva Jeevitha AP/EEE Chairman
2 Dr.S.Abisha AP/ECE Secretary
3 Dr.R.Ananthi AP/S&H Member
4 Mrs.S.Sivakami AP/MTS Member
5 Mrs.S.Sariba AP/EEE Member
6 Mrs.R.Georginna AP/S&H Member
7 Ms.B.Jesintha Student Member
8 Ms.M.Vijayalakshmi Student Member
9 Ms.A.Manimegalai Student Member

For Complaints

In case of any grievance, please reach out to us by submitting the below form: